Agency for Youth Affairs is a regional body of executive power, part of the Government of the Kaliningrad Region, responsible for the realization of the state youth policy on the territory of the region. Agency realizes different special programs and among them regional program “Youth of the Kaliningrad Region” which provides instruments and financial support for working with young people.

Fields of our work:

- “Youth initiative”– development of children and youth NGOs and establishments, support for volunteering activities, etc.
- “Support for talented young people” – realization of measures of financial support and organization of different youth events.
- “Civil and patriotic education” – preservation and development of patriotism, increasing of political and lawful culture and activity based on the democracy principals.
- “Youth in work” – part-time and full-time job creation for young citizens.
- “You are entrepreneur” – educational and informative support for young people willing to open their business and for young entrepreneurs
- “Prevention of asocial behavior” – prophylactic treatment of asocial behavior, formation of health and family priorities, popularization of healthy way of life.
- “Infrastructure” – support in building and maintenance of infrastructure of youth camps, campuses, youth centers.
- “Informative and methodic support for youth workers” – support for youth workers in their everyday work
- “International cooperation” – cooperation with youth governmental structures and youth NGOs from the Baltic Sea region and all over the world.

Agency for Youth Affairs with regional youth center organizes different youth events and contests. Some of them are of interregional and international level, such as festival of  student and youth theaters “Equinox” and youth forum “Baltic Artek”.

Agency coordinates activities of Youth government of the Kaliningrad Region and Youth parliament of the region. Agency cooperates with youth NGOs, youth centers and local authorities for youth affairs, educational institutions and young people.

Director of the Agency is Tatjana Vasilieva. Vice-director is Anna Visotskaya.


Agency for Youth Affairs of the Kaliningrad Region
Office 410-415, Sovetskiy prospect, 13
Kaliningrad, 236000, Russia

Tel.: +7 4012 570 454, fax: +7 4012 570 456

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